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My wife thinks I have Aspergers

After reading through some of your blog entries I took the personality test. The results I received are ENTJ. I’m not sure this is right. After poring over the page of different personality types and I’m leaning towards ISTP. Coincidentally, your Feb 4th blog post “How to balance your business and your family” really resonates […]

What are tips for doing a group interview?

Do you have any advice on how to ace a group interview? What is the employer looking for when deciding to interview candidates this way? I can do well enough in the phone interview to get to the group interview but the group format makes me nervous. I can’t come up with any compelling and […]

Am I Revealing Too Much?

How often does Facebook/Twitter and other social networking tools hinder your chances of landing/keeping a job? I know that more and more businesses are searching prospective employees on Facebook prior to interviews. What kind of information should you keep from the public eye? I would like to continue to be an active social networker but […]