I know I probably don’t have to go back to school, however it’s always been an issue for me (and my parents) that I never finished. And my husband and I currently have the means to send me back.

We married young and we decided that I’d stay home with the kids. But it wasn’t enough for me so I started a small child care business on the side. Now I want to do something more, but the problem is that I don’t want to spend two years finishing school just to realize I can’t find a job anyway. Do you really think finding a job is that easy without at least a bachelors degree?

I’m not below waiting tables (I’ve worked a lot of service jobs).  I just don’t have any desire to be a 50-year-old waitress. I guess I always assumed bachelors degree=better access to jobs=better pay. Is this not the case anymore?

Have I been out-of-the-loop that long? Won’t I be competing, at every level, with kids that have way more college than I do? Even our local barista has an MFA (I’m not really sure who’s point I’m proving now).