Will an MBA Make Me Rich?

I have never had the compunction you have for creating businesses and being an entrepreneur and all of that…but maybe I need to do that anyway to be more financially successful. I grew up just wanting to be a part of the entertainment industry – which I have been for 10 years. That’s my bliss. But I listen to you and other successful entrepreneurs and business oriented people who are making big money and I think “Why can’t I have been born with their innate sense of business sense and wealth accumulation?” I admire you for your success and sense of how to earn money. I want to earn 45K/year and have health insurance – something which is becoming increasingly more difficult to do in the US
Should I just go to business school and get the MBA even though that is not my passion but will ultimately provide (theoretically the means to an end)?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    People who make a lot of money usually don’t care about the money — they just love what they’re doing. Most entrepreneurs die broke. They love starting businesses way more than they love accumulating money.

    From your email, it seems clear that you don’t need to accumulate money. You just need to have a job. That’ll make you happy. If you earn $45K a year with health insurance — just like you write in your initial question — that’s all you need to be happy. And that’s fine.


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