I moonlight at a small animal clinic in my free time, as a vet assistant. I love it but our technology is pretty dated as far as Internet presence is concerned. The vet who owns the clinic wants me to come up with a social media plan for the clinic. But I know that no one there has the time or skills to implement the plan.

What I’d like to prepose is I do their social media remotely.  My problem is how do I define what I am doing and show value to social media? I’m basically preposing fire to cavemen. I’m on the payroll at $10/HR which is fine for clinic stuff. However I know the vet will want to keep that arrangement which I don’t feel is fair for the social media service.

My hubby says to just up my hours spent but I feel that’s a recipe for disaster because they will catch on at some point and it just feels wrong. This would be easier if they understood social media. It’s maddening.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    You can only charge the fee that is worth it to the vet.

    You should show them the return on investment they are going to get. How are you going to make them money via social media or cut their costs via social media? Show them how you can do that, and then the fee will suggest itself. If you cannot propose a plan for them that impacts their bottom line financially, then you have to ask yourself why they need to do anything with social media at all in the first place.


  2. karina
    karina says:

    I wish I read this advice earlier! I just did a bad job of negotiating with my former employer recently (I’ve switched to freelance). I came up with three social media packages with different services and rates for them to choose. I really wanted them to choose the middle package, but they ended up choosing the smallest one and asking for some more services on top. So I’m basically doing the middle package for the rate of the smallest one.

    I really wanted the client to build my portfolio, so I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. I should have followed Penelope’s advice and convinced them with numbers instead of my passion for the work.

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