I moonlight at a small animal clinic in my free time, as a vet assistant. I love it but our technology is pretty dated as far as Internet presence is concerned. The vet who owns the clinic wants me to come up with a social media plan for the clinic. But I know that no one there has the time or skills to implement the plan.

What I’d like to prepose is I do their social media remotely.  My problem is how do I define what I am doing and show value to social media? I’m basically preposing fire to cavemen. I’m on the payroll at $10/HR which is fine for clinic stuff. However I know the vet will want to keep that arrangement which I don’t feel is fair for the social media service.

My hubby says to just up my hours spent but I feel that’s a recipe for disaster because they will catch on at some point and it just feels wrong. This would be easier if they understood social media. It’s maddening.