I’m a career expert’s nightmare: I graduated with a degree in marketing, frolicked about Australia and then started fashion design. I thought that was very well and fun. I did a course called outward bound, maybe you’ve heard of it, I loved it. Worked on a ski field for a few seasons, studied animation and video production, whilst looking after intellectually disabled people then after travelling to England and Woofing for a while, I came to Australia where I am now finishing a cert 4 in outdoor recreation.

I got fired a few times, mostly from cafes. People seem to think I’m too intelligent, that’sa nice way for; “she has no common sense”. The other comment is I’m so creative.Basically I have a deep sense within myself that I want a job that I’m proud of. Something I can sink my teeth into, and get results.

I’m 30 now and to be honest I’m really worried that I won’t be able to connect the dots.