I work for a luxury apparel company – great group of people, but I’m not being creative and I feel like life is on repeat….sitting in an uncomfortable chair, staring at google and and eating my ritual salad. I am so not a ritual person.

I’ve had lots of life experiences, lots of jobs. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m passionate about and where I fit in in the job world. Do you have tips or models on how to narrow down your field of work you want to be in? I feel like I have so many things I enjoy and want to explore and its completely overwhelming at times. Well, all the time. I’ve done the pros and cons list over and over again. I just can’t nail it down. Any advice on how to nail it would be so great.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    It doesn’t really matter what career you do. It matters if you are doing work that you are going to be very good at.

    If you’re good at sales, for example, you can do it in any industry. If you need project-based work instead of long-term work, you can do that in any industry. You need to find the thing you need no matter what, the thing you are good at more than anyone else. Find that stuff and the industry you land in won’t matter.

    Take the Myers Briggs test. Your score will help you narrow things down a lot.

    Then look at your resume and figure out what you can leverage on your current resume to make a transition to something that’s in line with your Myers Briggs score. Then do that.

    So you narrow your choices based on your Myers Briggs score and the experience you have on your resume. By using those parameters you ensure that you will be able to find work, and the work will feel fulfilling.


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