December, 2018

I’m 16. Should I plan to go to college?

November, 2018

What is the magic that makes people read a blog?

October, 2018

Help for son who won’t get a job

September, 2018

How to help a teen to like reading poetry

August, 2018

Can you help us with our homeschool magazine idea?

How to get a career in your 40s

July, 2018

How can I feel better about turning 30?

June, 2018

Is it ok to bribe a kid to practice?

May, 2018

Current job vs new job vs boyfriend?

Letter from the LA Times

Should I buy a franchise?

My favorite email from this week

April, 2018

What makes a question a terrible question?

December, 2017

Boring job in Ohio vs Dream job in San Francisco?

Which business idea is best for me?

Do I have a good plan for an online business?

November, 2017

I have a job in sales and I’m going to fail

Is it time for me to take a break?

October, 2017

What’s the best job for a perfectionist?

August, 2017

Whats a good career for an idealist?

How do I apologize for being a jerk? (I have Aspergers)

July, 2017

I’m sick of dealing with incompetence

I don’t want to be financially dependent on my spouse

How to recover from a workplace affair?

What is my boss really telling me to do?

June, 2017

How can I get a passive income stream?

How do you make money from your blog?

May, 2017

What it’s like when two people with Asperger’s talk to each other

How do I turn a side-hustle into a sustainable career

April, 2017

Can I have an internship working with you?

Is a 3 month job-centered bootcamp as bad as grad school?

February, 2017

I picked a bad major. Now what?

Your parenting philosophies are flawed

Should I be earning more money?

January, 2017

What if I’m in-between personality types?

How can I present my idea in a way that does not alienate my superiors?

Should I train my ungrateful co-workers? 

My husband doesn’t want more kids. Should I get a job?

December, 2016

What should I do with my life?

November, 2016

How do I prepare to get a good job after college?

Why don’t we build careers that follow our talent?

October, 2016

Dealing with being fired from the last job in the next interview

What is the best job for an INFP?

How can I help my boyfriend who has Aspergers

How do I get a good career and a good relationship at the same time?

I need a plan to stop doing the job I hate

Is it ok to be mad at my mom?

Do dating and job hunting require the same skills?

September, 2016

How can I sell to chief marketing officers?

Getting a job after earning a Ph.D.

August, 2016

The new hire wants to manage me.

What’s the best degree for someone with Asperger’s

Do I take this job?

Help me with my daughter’s attitude!

Should I report my boss’s illegal activity?

July, 2016

How to get an older kid to admit he has Asperger’s

How can I deal with two employees hooking up?

How to tell parents a preschooler has Asperger’s

June, 2016

What’s my best career move to do something more meaningful?

May, 2016

How can I launch my daughter with Asperger’s into adulthood

Which job is better?

April, 2016

I feel like I’m in a job that doesn’t fit who I am

What should I say about the company I tried to start but didn’t?

March, 2016

Advice on daily decision making with Asperger’s

What to say in an interview if I’ve been fired?

When are questions insulting?

February, 2016

Hey, remember that time you told us you posed nude?

My daughter with Aspergers doesn’t want to do anything

Timing of baby and grad school

January, 2016

How can I sell my inventions?

Am I wasting my Harvard degree if I stay home with kids?

How can I build a strong network?

How can someone with Asperger’s stop getting fired?

December, 2015

Career change for someone with Aspergers

Should I turn down an internal offer?

How can I deal with ADHD and my career?

November, 2015

What’s worth more? Money, title or flexiblity?

October, 2015

Should I fix my job or just get married?

September, 2015

I’m scared people who read my blog will think I’m pathetic

August, 2015

Should I train colleagues to do my job?

How can I succeed at a new job with Aspergers?

July, 2015

I’m about to be fired. Can I save the job?

June, 2015

I can’t bring a girlfriend home to my family

May, 2015

Best career launch strategy for someone with Aspergers

April, 2015

Can I get hired for being good at listening?

How should artists use the Internet to promote themselves?

How can I get a career I like while I’m on maternity leave?

March, 2015

Is it okay to not job hunt and live off unemployment? (And, can I be a journalist?)

February, 2015

My work history is a mess. How can I write a resume?

My wife thinks I have Aspergers

January, 2015

What’s the fastest path to a career change?

My husband wants me to be a SAHM. I don’t want to.

December, 2014

How do you decide how much to tell people on your blog?

I have three career options. Which is best?

What’s the best way to launch a company from an idea?

November, 2014

When is it time to quit a job that’s too easy?

Do I have to say I got fired?

October, 2014

If I don’t go to art school what can I do?

Updating LinkedIn after having a baby

September, 2014

What job is right for me now if I want to be a stay-at-home mom later?

How can I tell someone they have Aspergers?

I can’t manage my job and homeschooling

August, 2014

My problem is so complicated I can’t figure out where to start

I’m thinking of taking only two weeks maternity leave

July, 2014

How can I get my first office job?

Can I get promoted when I’m pregnant?

May, 2014

How to transition from school to work with Aspergers

Should I stay or start a new career?

April, 2014

Should I ramp up my career or leave well enough alone?

March, 2014

What are tips for doing a group interview?

How can I tell my son he has Aspergers?

I have a great job. How can I keep it with a new baby?

I can’t stay with a job or a boyfriend for a long time

February, 2014

What should I do when everyone else is drunk?

January, 2014

Everywhere I work is awful

I hate my job and my marriage how can I fix it?

Can I quit with no notice?

Full-time INFP Working Mom Loses Mind

December, 2013

I’m an introvert struggling in the wrong job

Whenever there’s no new post on your blog…

Hey, why did Mailbag disappear?

November, 2013

How can I get my business idea off the ground?

October, 2013

How can I get a job when I have no experience?

September, 2013

How do I write a blog that matters?

I pitched my company to an investor and he wants to date me. What should I do?

How do I make sure the men I email don’t think I want to date them?

Networking advice for graduate students

August, 2013

How do I get a job before I relocate?

How does your advice translate to the nonprofit sector?

What job should I look for if I want to work at a startup?

July, 2013

Should I get a diagnosis if I think I have Aspergers?

Should I act older at work?

How can I make up for bad decisions in my 20s?

Bored at work? Maybe you’re not doing your job

Should I leave my expensive college for a cheaper one?

June, 2013

When is it time to shut down a startup?

How can I get a job I’m overqualified for?

I can’t stop worrying about not having enough money

May, 2013

I’m in the US for a job. Should I do an arranged marriage in India?

Dealing with an indecisive boss

Will time off for travel hurt my career

April, 2013

Showing multiple careers on LinkedIn

How to recover from a never-ending childhood

How do I get a job at a company that is not hiring?

March, 2013

I have bi-polar disorder and I keep getting fired

I want to be a professional poker player

January, 2013

I’m scared having kids will ruin my career

I’m 40 and I hate my high-paying job

December, 2012

What do I say when the interviewer asks who’s taking care of my kids?

My last boss hates me. What can I say in the interview?

November, 2012

I’m scared of the endless routine of work

I’m bulimic and skipping school. Help.

I’m stuck at 41. I want a more fun career.

October, 2012

Tips for working with someone with Aspergers

Are temp jobs a dead end?

Should I work where my boyfriend works?

September, 2012

My boss passes off all her work to me.

I’m muslim and wear a veil. How can I interview better?

Why don’t I like my work? Am I lazy?

How can you tell adventure from escapism?

August, 2012

What’s the key to living life on my own terms?

How can I promote my book

Should I interrupt my career or get an abortion?

July, 2012

What should I do if I can do anything? How do I choose?

Should I blog under my own name?

June, 2012

Career paths for people with ADD

I’ve started too many companies

May, 2012

How do you network when you live on a farm?

Why are you so defensive about homeschooling?

Is the sex worker industry a good idea to get fast money?

Graduate school for industrial organization

April, 2012

Does social media favor extroverts?

Should I go back to school for speech pathology?

Followup after an informational interview

Do you always have to think about money?

Can you stay at a good job too long?

March, 2012

How to get a job in a different city

Tricks for doing an all-day interview

Making the best of a bad relocation

Getting a job right out of school

Saying why you quit the last job

How to deal with bad advice

How to explain leaving a job after four months

How to find meaningful work

Choosing between a startup and a big company

February, 2012

How is ok to go without a raise?

How do you keep track of what you read?

Taking workplace anger personally

Lost. Twenty-six. Crying at work.

What are your tips for self-publishing?

Landing a tenure-track teaching job

How does being quoted help a resume?

How do I get a job as a librarian?

How to fix a stalled career

I don’t want to talk about myself

Help. I’m on the verge of an outburst

Why did you stop updating Mailbag?

December, 2011

Good Job Bad Job Title

How Can I Look Older?

Defending the Honor of Penn State

People at work are mean to me

November, 2011

So I’ve been trundling along writing my little theatre and…

I Need Cash to Start My Company

Who’s Really Writing these Questions?

Which Careers Give Work/Life Balance?

How Do I Learn Social Skills?

I Can’t Stick with Anything

How to Test a Business Idea

I’m 30 and I’m Worried I’ll Never Have a Career

Take a Job at the Same Company as My Boyfriend?

What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

Why Big Companies Don’t Negotiate Salary

Telling A Great Boss You’re Quitting

How Many Connections Do I Need on LinkedIn?

Pricing Social Media Consulting

Revealing a Tryst Between Co-workers

Preparing for a Performance Review

October, 2011

Will You Review My Book?

Tips for Going Freelance

Anger Problems at Work

Should I Go Freelance?

Should I Leave NYC?

Dragging a Partner Out of the Closet

I Hate My Brand New Job

What Teens Need for a Good Career

The Job Requires a College Degree

Choosing a Specialty

Fix an Inconsistent Resume

Sex Harassment: How Bad is This?

Should I Have Kids?

Shortcuts to Journalism Success

Startup Self-Doubt

Starting a Tell-All Blog

Getting an Asperger’s Diagnosis

Best Way to Counteroffer

Will Adderall Help My Career?

Resume to Re-enter the Workforce

Should I Have a Second Child?

September, 2011

I’m 22 and I Have No Idea What to Do

My Toddler has Asperger-Like Symptoms

First-time Stint at Unemployment at Age 40

Legal Protection for Future Loss of Income for Mom-to-Be

Is My Chemistry PhD Program Right for Me?

Interviewing for an Entry-Level Position

Coping with Shyness

I quit my job to be home with…

Focusing on career with a new baby in hand.

Should I Be an Electrician?

Who Should I Send My Cover Letter To?

Can I Quit a Good Job?

The Salary I Gave Was Too Low

Should I Lie In Social Situations?

Workaholic Boss

Business Idea: Help People be Creative

I Need a Manageable Workload

Can You Coach My Wife?

Am I Revealing Too Much?

Career Paths for Engineers

August, 2011

Using Social Media to Network

Turning a Blog into a Book

Funding for Non-Tech Companies

Time to Have Kids

Work as a Journalist Online

Jealous Co-workers

Earning a lot of Money

Writing a Grad School Essay

My Son Needs Help

Negative Blog Comments

I Need a Mentor

Relocating for Boyfriend

I’m 24 and I’m Lost. Help.

What if the Salary is Not Listed?

Where Should I Live?

Will an MBA Make Me Rich?

Semi-Starving Artist

There’s No Money In My Future

Book List for Founders

Illegal Interview Questions

Do Blogs Create Enemies?

Lying About Experience

July, 2011

Blog-to-Book Deals

Going Back to School

Getting Funding

I Have an Idea for a Book

Do I Need a Degree?


Disclosing Salary History

Get a Job in a New City

I’m a twentysomething who has sworn off college…