We just got out of the army after being in for 4 years. I could still write about it but it would seem to not make sense after a while.

I don’t feel like that can be THE central theme of my blog. It doesn’t feel genuine for me to tie everything back to the army because I see so little of it as part of my identity.

Do you see another angle for me? I’m hoping you see something that I don’t.

I’m 43, unemployed, have an inconsistent work history and live with my elderly parents. I can look back over 15 years of my life and see how things unfolded.

I have 2 questions actually:

1. If your peak life earnings at 40, how do you come to grips that you’re probably unemployable even if it’s by fate?

I gave up ever being able to get a mortgage.
I gave up having a wife and being able to support a family.
I gave up having a steady career.
I gave up my youth to seize opportunities when they appeared

So I’m not asking “how do I get a job?”

2)  How do I cash in on all those sacrifices I made to create a lifestyle where I can stay connected to the world in some way or form and not just become another Dilbert waiting for retirement.

America is a terrible environment to sustain a marriage. And Western women in general aren’t suited to a successful marriage. Most women find most men unattractive marriage candidates anyway. I’m not opposed to a ‘life partner’ though. If my resume is terrible for finding a job, it’s even worse for finding a wife.

Do you have any advice on how to take feedback without wanting to quit writing forever?

I feel like most stories about my life are boring and there’s nothing interesting to write about that I would feel comfortable sharing with you or anyone else. It sucks away all my inspiration to write even though I usually feel like I want to write after reading stories. I’m not trying to write long or anything, I can’t even come up with small stuff. I’m open to writing fictional stories too but I’m struggling to come up with interesting ideas there too. It’s been really discouraging to me. Do you have any advice on how to get over this?

The hardest thing for me is that I take care of the kids 24/7. No matter how flexible I am with family / extended family (even my ex’s family) or how hard I work at forging a community, I can’t find reliable people who can help watch my kids and I can’t pay for childcare on my income. How do you do it? How do you spend all day every day with kids and not go completely insane?

Whenever I think maybe I’ve found a balance and gotten some normalcy established, everything gets upended again and I’m back to square one with little to no childcare and staying up hours past their bedtime just so my introvert self can recharge. Idk if I’m just venting or if I actually think you might have an answer I haven’t thought of yet.

How the hell does anyone raise kids stay married and raise kids and have a job?

I asked him point-blank if he was planning to leave us (bc he’s threatening a lot in recent years since our kids passed the cute baby stage) He tells me at 11:45 pm that he doesn’t want to separate until the kids are older and then does this whole “If I’m still not enough for you then, then you are free to find someone else.”

Meanwhile, my 70-year-old mom just broke her ankle in NYC and I am all the way across the world in Greece.

My kids miss my family. I think it may be time to come back to the states, but not NYC. So I’m looking at suburbs, CT, and the greater Boston area. You were right ten years ago when you asked me what the hell I was doing with him.

I’m tired of working two jobs, but my tutoring business is still not making enough to support me. My dream is to be able to help any family, regardless of how much they can pay me. I know you’ll tell me that’s not feasible. Right now I tutor lots of kids and I don’t turn away anyone, no matter how much they can pay. How can I keep helping families who need me and still make enough money to pay my mortgage?

I was reading the Psychology Today website and I trust that site. They said Myers Briggs is not based in science. Carl Jung doesn’t think it’s based in science. The link is very interesting did you see it? I wanted to see what you thought about this article:


I was wondering what your thoughts/knowledge are about having more than one kid and about age spacing. I’m thinking about having a second next year (my son is ten months now), but I’m not completely sure for several reasons, one of them that my own relationship with my sister isn’t that great.


I will be marketing myself as a profit first coach. I will help small business owners with $500,000 – $2,500,000 in revenue better handle their cash flow and focus on building profit into their business. These people are stressed and they struggle with money management. I will tell them that creating profit is not done by more time and energy but in removing what’s not profitable and carving out time to do what they hate which is to look at the numbers.

Is this a good group to connect with? Is this a good way to connect with them?