I love your posts about how to succeed in the work world as a woman with Asperger’s. Perhaps you could use your unique perspective to give non-asperger’s individuals some insight into how they should work with people that do have it? I think that for your socially adept readers that who have learned to recognize the signs of Asperger’s, it would be nice to have some concrete advice on how to interact with co-workers that seem to have it.

I am learning to adapt to my co-worker’s preferences (I believe he has Asperger’s) and am trying to be considerate, for example, by not making too much pointless small talk. More guidance as to how I should conduct myself would be just the kind of post I’d love to read! I feel like many of your posts detail how people with Asperger’s can learn to fit in the social world they live in – but how can I work to make it more comfortable and easier for them?

I graduated from college with a degree in English in 2008.

I started a temp job at a goverment agency. My boss loved me and even recommended me for
a position in another department. Unfortunately, since it was temporary I could not stay. Then I interviewed for an admin position at a top 100 company in Rochester, NY and I was hired over an internal employee by my manager. Unfortunately this position wasn’t paying my bills and student loans, so I obtained another position at the University of Rochester as an admin. My job was to provide administrative support to the chief physician of the department. This is probably the most miserable position I have ever had; and instead of leaving when I knew I should, I ended up being let go by my company.

After that I started a temp postion at a company I loved, and I earned some great references. I was offered an interview for a customer service position but I ended up turing it down for a temporary editorial assistant position in Baltimore, MD. I was sort of thrown into this position as the editorial assistant and coordinator were leaving in a week. After a short time, they claimed that my Excel skills were not up to their standards, and I was let go from this temporary assignment.

I recently had the same experience at another company as a temporary employee. –I’m not certain how I can have so much success (being hired over an internal, being recommended for alternate departments, generally being well liked and respected) at some companies and being denied employment at other companies as a temporary employee.

Do you have any insight into temporary employment vs.full time opportunities? At the last temporary position I had I felt that I was let go due to a personality conflict with another employee. I am an incredibly conscientious person and I honestly do not feel this was my fault. It’s hard for me not to take these things to heart as I felt that I was the one being mistreated, but because I was a temporary employee it was ultimately their opinion over mine.

I’m about two years out of college and I was wondering if you had some advice for me. What would you do if you were offered a job at the same office as your boyfriend? I interviewed at the same company, but at a different branch. It looks like I may be offered a position at his location.