I want to homeschool both kids but I’m a single mom and I need to allow myself more flexibility to make $50K/year and still be there more for them since their father is gone.

One daughter is very creative and artistic, so I want to guide her to being a small business artist while the other one is more gifted in math and people stress her out. They are both still under 10. Does this sound like a plan that will work?

Should I get an emotional support dog for my daughter? We are relocating internationally and my oldest kid is using my younger one as an emotional crutch.

Please don’t kill me.

I’m 30 and in a dip. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom. I just quit my non-profit job and I’m in a dip. I’ve taken several personality tests to find my strengths that point me to the next path. I love my family, but my previous occupation was a large part of my identity and I miss that.

I’m interested in advocating for changes that will make it easier for my kids, especially my 5-year-old daughter, if she chooses to have children.  Do most women with young children still want to work part time?

Curious what your thoughts are on quiet quitting (or, doing the bare minimum at work).  Is this the new aspiration of the current working generation?

Is there a reason why autistic males have so much energy and female autistics have so little? Just something I noticed in general and in my own family.

For example, most male autistics I meet even in old age have limitless energy for hobbies and other stuff while most female autistics I know (including myself) have barely enough energy to make it through the day.