So I’ve been trundling along, writing my little theatre and writing blog at with an average of about 30-50 readers each time I post, usually clicking on from facebook.

Then recently I posted a passionate article about my reaction to a play at the Sydney theatre company Belvoir St Theatre and I’ve had more than 100 readers and most of them have been from google searches – as if word had somehow got out that a review was out there about the production that was controversial.

I have had a few comments that have been a bit nasty, something which I have never experienced before and I wondered: how do you handle nasty comments or people who don’t like what you wrote? I don’t want to hurt anyone but I don’t want to withhold my opinion just because it is safer. Do you do any damage control that you feel is necessary or do you hire someone to do it? Finally, how do you determine what needs damage control and what doesn’t if a lot of the readers don’t actually comment?

I’m about to found a business that gives users full control over their personal data. We just need some 200k to start.

We don’t have the funds to bridge the 4 months to the launch. If we don’t get the funding by the end of the year, we will have to work in our day jobs again. And watch as someone else puts something similar on
the market. Are we doing something wrong? How can we get funding?

I am curious if you are writing some of the questions in the mailbag?  For example the most recent one Which Careers Give you Work/Life Balance and I’m 30 and I’m worried I’ll never have a career?  The word choice and writing style in both of those questions sound very much like you.  I don’t see it an the other questions so I’m really curious if you wrote the mail bag questions that I referred to.

I am a new graduate, who did a bachelors degree in political sciences from University of Toronto. I got married soon after graduation. Almost 2 years into my marriage and with an new kid, I am planning to go back to work. However, I am searching for balance-friendly career paths, that can be good for women who would like to work and take care of the family. So I believe, that your career advice is really helpful, and if you could add more on this topic that would be great!

I focused on academics during my college career and wanted to go down the academic/public policy analysis/research route. However, after 1.5 years at a think tank and 1 year in a Ph.D. program, I decided to switch things up. I am currently at a niche consulting firm in pharmaceuticals. I would like to succeed in this career. One thing I continuously hear is that social skills are important in this industry. As my background suggests, my social skills were not refined. How does one go about improving their social skills? Would Toastmaster’s be a good thing to try? People I have talked with really haven’t given concrete advice. They primarily say that “you are introverted.” That may be true, but I would like to improve them.

I’d love to find something that I can put all my time and energy into, but I’m scared I will lose interest in whatever I choose. I’ve never stuck with anything long enough to get good at it and my interests can change drastically within a short amount of time. I wouldn’t feel that this is such a problem if I weren’t already in my early-mid twenties, without a college degree (because I couldn’t commit to a program I thought I’d lose interest in), and little experience in anything other than low end jobs. Basically, with anything I pick, I’ll be starting from scratch. This makes my decision feel all the more crucial as I don’t feel I can waste anymore time at my age. Clearly there are some flaws in the way I am approaching the decision making process.

I have a couple of questions regarding and online start-up idea…
If you have an idea for an online start-up, where should you go to see if others (influential people not just friends) think it is a viable (money making) option too?
Where would you begin to look for investors if this is your first idea you would like to bring to fruition?
How do you draw in investors in order to fund this idea while it is in infancy?

I’m a career expert’s nightmare: I graduated with a degree in marketing, frolicked about Australia and then started fashion design. I thought that was very well and fun. I did a course called outward bound, maybe you’ve heard of it, I loved it. Worked on a ski field for a few seasons, studied animation and video production, whilst looking after intellectually disabled people then after travelling to England and Woofing for a while, I came to Australia where I am now finishing a cert 4 in outdoor recreation.

I got fired a few times, mostly from cafes. People seem to think I’m too intelligent, that’sa nice way for; “she has no common sense”. The other comment is I’m so creative.Basically I have a deep sense within myself that I want a job that I’m proud of. Something I can sink my teeth into, and get results.

I’m 30 now and to be honest I’m really worried that I won’t be able to connect the dots.

I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and I love it! I’m a Millennial about two years out of college. So I was wondering if you had some advice for me-what would you do if you were offered a job at the same office as your boyfriend? I interviewed at the same company, but at a different branch. It looks like I may be offered a position at his location.

I always have problem writing cover letters.  I’ve seen many examples in the Internet but they seem too rigid or too general. Could you give me some tips or samples on how a professional cover letter should look?