What do you think about a reselling business focused on clothes? I’ve struggled with motivation and getting things done in the past.

I love that there is a very low risk way to succeed in the business – basically I shop at Goodwill Outlet stores where you pay $1-2 per pound for clothes, and I pick the biggest money makers and then sell them on Ebay/Poshmark for a profit that is 4-10x the amount I paid for them.

I found a group run by two guys on Ebay and they’ve taught me a ton on improving processes. Many people in the group make $50K to $150K in a year or two. I feel like I finally found something that I’m passionate enough about to get through early hurdles of the business.

I’m concerned that you combine environmental factors and personality type to come to a diagnosis of autism.

I wonder if the conflation helps the parents who’ve exposed their children to trauma escape responsibility. So when someone self-reports childhood trauma, instead of it being trauma inflicted by parents, it’s autism that the parents couldn’t help.

I had a coaching call with you a few years ago and you told me to find a guy who is older than me and successful enough to allow me to be a stay at home wife. I think I found him but he’s an ISTJ (and I’m INTP), do you think that will work?

If I buy into the premise that I’m autistic and so are my kids, where the hell do I go from here?

I’m a divorced mom of two young kids residing somewhere on the spectrum. I’d like to be a good mom, partner, daughter, friend, coworker, neighbor but just writing this sentence was exhausting.