Are you conflating childhood trauma with autism?

I’m concerned that you combine environmental factors and personality type to come to a diagnosis of autism.

I wonder if the conflation helps the parents who’ve exposed their children to trauma escape responsibility. So when someone self-reports childhood trauma, instead of it being trauma inflicted by parents, it’s autism that the parents couldn’t help.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Children with autistic parents grow up as adults experiencing higher rates of suicide and loneliness. It is studied and published widely. Here’s an example.

    Autistic parents are themselves lonely and isolated and look outside the family unit to assuage that pain. When adults look outside the family for a way to feel good, the children don’t feel taken care of. So generally speaking, autistic children have been growing up in households where they don’t feel properly taken care of. Autism is hereditary and generational trauma is sliding around in those families.

    Instead of thinking of the link between autism and trauma as an excuse, think of it as an opportunity.


  2. A
    A says:

    Is the chicken or the egg first ?Or is it we are Autistic so pass on bad coping mechanisms and think it’s normal

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