I’m planning with my husband the next couple of years with kids.

I wanted to know, after everything you learned, if we had to choose, is there a “most important phase” to stay home with kids? The baby phase, the primary school phase, the teenage years..? I’m asking so we can organize ourselves financially.

My husband and I are swingers, but I feel like I can’t even consider writing about it on my blog because it is so far from what is accepted in society.

Should I have an anonymous blog about it?

I was hired to teach a workshop to a group of mom-preneurs and it was so obvious that at least 5 of the women had some form of autism. When I mentioned this to the head of the organization, she asked me what she could do to make sure she supported these individuals.

Most of the small business owners are women, moms and minority women.

How do I best support these “mom-preneurs” in a workplace or educational environment? And can I make money doing this?

We just got out of the army after being in for 4 years. I could still write about it but it would seem to not make sense after a while.

I don’t feel like that can be THE central theme of my blog. It doesn’t feel genuine for me to tie everything back to the army because I see so little of it as part of my identity.

Do you see another angle for me? I’m hoping you see something that I don’t.