I was hired to teach a workshop to a group of mom-preneurs and it was so obvious that at least 5 of the women had some form of autism. When I mentioned this to the head of the organization, she asked me what she could do to make sure she supported these individuals.

Most of the small business owners are women, moms and minority women.

How do I best support these “mom-preneurs” in a workplace or educational environment? And can I make money doing this?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    The biggest problem women with autism have is we can only see logic and not emotion.

    Everyone in the room you are talking about has autism because women without autism are at home taking care of their family. If a neurotypical woman has to earn money she recognizes she doesn’t have time or resources to take courses like the one you’re teaching. The women in the room want to do something more interesting than relationships because they don’t see the outcome of more time spent on the relationships. There is no way to measure that.

    Women with autism have a high divorce rate because we don’t understand what it means to value a partner. We have a high suicide rate because we don’t understand we don’t have real friends until it’s too late, and our kids don’t like us because we don’t make them the highest priority.

    The best thing you can do for a woman with autism is explain to them that the job of a parent is to make a child feel like they are the highest priority. Because only a parent can do that. And what would be more important than a child?

    The problem is that no autistic woman will pay for that, so no one tells us that. Women with autism pay other women with autism to tell them how to have an interesting life. So, there’s an autism economy of autistic women telling other autistic women how to have an interesting/better/fulling/best/whatever life while all the kids fend for themselves.



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