I’m writing an article for Real Simple magazine. Can you send me a few points about how to use social media to network more effectively?

I’m writing a white paper about how bloggers become authors. Since you have done this yourself, could you answer a few questions for me?

1. What’s the biggest difference between writing a blog or blog posts and writing a book?

2. Many bloggers think writing a book makes them rich and famous. Certainly that can happen, but what is the reality of what a book can or will do for your career and/or finances?

3. If you could share three things a blogger should do to get ready to write a book — even if just level setting expectations — what would those things be?

I am trying to get a startup funded, but high tech seems a lot easier to get funding for. I am interested in the fashion industry and I think it is harder to get funding.

I’m 33 and I worked on a start-up from age 21-27. Since then I’ve worked a number of different kind of agency / corporate jobs, which is probably not the right environment for me.

Should I stay in the job I have now, take advantage of whatever it does have to offer, have kids, and try a lifestyle business once I’m ready? Or should I try another start-up now and risk not having kids for another few years?

I went to school for journalism. I’ve gotten a few jobs at newspapers, but they are never full time and the pay is terrible. Now I’m working at an Apple Store, trying to figure out what to do. Where are all the journalism jobs?

What can I do about a co-worker who is jealous of me? She is underhanded and conniving at work. Should I confront her?

I graduated in 2003 with a B.A in international affairs. Since then I I married a painter (against my parents will since I was suppose to marry a doctor, lawyer or accountant). I have also had a baby and worked on my parents winery.

Now, it’s five years after college graduation. What should I do? My family has been amazing helping us out financially but they are putting pressure on me that I need to go to grad school and study something that will guarantee a good income. At this point I neither have any idea what I like nor what will bring in money. I have no real skills I am not trained in anything. I speak 3 languages and I lived on 3 different continents. How do you find what you like and can bring in a high income?

Do you have any recommendations for resources on how to write a personal statement or essay for graduate school? I’m considering applying to a masters program but am at a loss on how to write a 500-word essay on why I want to pursue this program.

I heard you on NPR about a week ago and I think you could help my son.

He needs to talk to someone with the common sense you have about career planning. He graduated Brown and has worked in [entertainment companies]. He had great ideas but by the time the upper echelons could decide on his ideas– some other faster minds in smaller, less corporate settings got there first.

Can you suggest a coach in the Los Angeles who has the same ideas as you who can talk some sense to him before he decides to go back to school for a masters in business? I think that he really just needs to find his niche. He is creative and very personable. He is now 30. His last job was six figures but that corporate world is not for him.

Thank you for your help.

How do you deal with negative comments and critics about your blog? I thought I had a thick skin but some blog commenters can really push my buttons.

Right now I’m scrapping myself off the floor after a heated discussion with a reader ended with her writing, “Bye. never coming back here again.”

How do you do it? How do you not let this get to you?