I am trying to get a startup funded, but high tech seems a lot easier to get funding for. I am interested in the fashion industry and I think it is harder to get funding.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    It’s easy to get funding if you have a good idea. The idea is the hardest part.

    Funding works if you present to investors a big possiblity of an exit. Investors want a big exit. If you can’t give them that then they are just investing for their ego — and you have a really small investor pool for that.

    That’s why I said if you have a good idea (like, one with a big exit) then funding is easy.

    Fashion, restaurants, etc, are not really fundable. There’s no exit except in rare cases.

  2. Alesya
    Alesya says:

    While I can’t offer you funding, I could offer you some ideas to keep start up costs low for the fashion market. Feel free to reach out!

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