I’m 33 and I worked on a start-up from age 21-27. Since then I’ve worked a number of different kind of agency / corporate jobs, which is probably not the right environment for me.

Should I stay in the job I have now, take advantage of whatever it does have to offer, have kids, and try a lifestyle business once I’m ready? Or should I try another start-up now and risk not having kids for another few years?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Have kids. Look at the charts that show the risk of birth defects after age 35. It’s crazy how much higher-risk a pregnancy becomes. You have your whole life to do startups. You have a relatively tiny portion of your life to have kids.

    Also, we now have all of generation x as a test case for when is a good time in one’s career to have kids. And the data shows that there is no good time in one’s career to have kids. But there is definitely a good window for your eggs when it comes to having kids. So make your decision based on that.


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