I graduated in 2003 with a B.A in international affairs. Since then I I married a painter (against my parents will since I was suppose to marry a doctor, lawyer or accountant). I have also had a baby and worked on my parents winery.

Now, it’s five years after college graduation. What should I do? My family has been amazing helping us out financially but they are putting pressure on me that I need to go to grad school and study something that will guarantee a good income. At this point I neither have any idea what I like nor what will bring in money. I have no real skills I am not trained in anything. I speak 3 languages and I lived on 3 different continents. How do you find what you like and can bring in a high income?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Why do you need a high income? Just cut your expenses. If you really wanted a lot of money you’d have married someone else. You and your husband can both take low-paying jobs so you can stop taking money from your parents.

    Grad school won’t help you solve the problems you have right now. You need to start figuring out what you like doing. Grad school is not a place to figure that out. You have to go into the workforce like everyone else and do jobs you don’t necessarily like in order to figure out what you do like.

    Also, if you don’t want your parents to put pressure on you to make choices they like, then don’t work for them and don’t take their money. You’ll feel a lot better about the decisions you’ve already made for yourself if you stop asking your parents to fund those decisions.

    Give yourself a chance to find out what you like. Tell your husband that most creative people work a day job to support their family. It’s not the end of the world to take a job you don’t love if there are other parts of your life you love.


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