I am a new graduate, who did a bachelors degree in political sciences from University of Toronto. I got married soon after graduation. Almost 2 years into my marriage and with an new kid, I am planning to go back to work. However, I am searching for balance-friendly career paths, that can be good for women who would like to work and take care of the family. So I believe, that your career advice is really helpful, and if you could add more on this topic that would be great!

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    No careers give work/life balance. You give it to yourself. But to be honest, it’s impossible to have balance. You will have work/life IMbalance. Because you will decide, invariably, that one is more important to you than the other. You will decide which one you want to spend more time on at any given point in your life. Time will not be spread equally. You will start giving things up. You will give up things you never dreamed you’d have to give up. Because having kids and having an interesting life away from kids is very very hard to do.

    When you choose a career, choose something you are great at. Because you have more ability to ask for concessions and trades and moves if you are great at what you do. Too many women take a low-paying, low-engagement jobs because they think it will make their life as a parent easier. But those jobs are generally inflexible.

    Flexible work allows you to make more decisions for yourself, as opposed to someone else making them for you. This doesn’t mean you’ll have good work/life balance. But it means you’ll have a life you made for yourself. And that might be the best we can hope for.


  2. JML
    JML says:

    This may sound lame, but you could try for a career with the government – federal or provincial (being in Toronto). The government can offer flexibility such as compressed work weeks. There are also great benefits, including annual family-related leave. The process to get in is lenghty and difficult, but it’s worth it. I find it to be incredibly family friendly. And there is lots of interesting work in the government. Given your background, you will likely be able to find something you like that you’re good at. And because there are more opportunities once you are a govt employee, you could try new things until you find something that suits your needs.

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