April, 2015

How should artists use the Internet to promote themselves?

March, 2015

Is it okay to not job hunt and live off unemployment? (And, can I be a journalist?)

January, 2015

What’s the fastest path to a career change?

My husband wants me to be a SAHM. I don’t want to.

November, 2014

When is it time to quit a job that’s too easy?

Do I have to say I got fired?

October, 2014

If I don’t go to art school what can I do?

Updating LinkedIn after having a baby

September, 2014

What job is right for me now if I want to be a stay-at-home mom later?

How can I tell someone they have Aspergers?

I can’t manage my job and homeschooling

August, 2014

My problem is so complicated I can’t figure out where to start

July, 2014

How can I get my first office job?

Can I get promoted when I’m pregnant?

May, 2014

How to transition from school to work with Aspergers

Should I stay or start a new career?

April, 2014

Should I ramp up my career or leave well enough alone?

March, 2014

How can I tell my son he has Aspergers?

I have a great job. How can I keep it with a new baby?

I can’t stay with a job or a boyfriend for a long time

February, 2014

What should I do when everyone else is drunk?

January, 2014

Everywhere I work is awful

I hate my job and my marriage how can I fix it?

Can I quit with no notice?

Full-time INFP Working Mom Loses Mind

December, 2013

I’m an introvert struggling in the wrong job

Whenever there’s no new post on your blog…

November, 2013

How can I get my business idea off the ground?

October, 2013

How can I get a job when I have no experience?

September, 2013

How do I write a blog that matters?

I pitched my company to an investor and he wants to date me. What should I do?

How do I make sure the men I email don’t think I want to date them?

Networking advice for graduate students

August, 2013

How do I get a job before I relocate?

How does your advice translate to the nonprofit sector?

What job should I look for if I want to work at a startup?

July, 2013

Should I get a diagnosis if I think I have Aspergers?

Should I act older at work?

How can I make up for bad decisions in my 20s?

Bored at work? Maybe you’re not doing your job

Should I leave my expensive college for a cheaper one?

June, 2013

When is it time to shut down a startup?

How can I get a job I’m overqualified for?

I can’t stop worrying about not having enough money

May, 2013

I’m in the US for a job. Should I do an arranged marriage in India?

Dealing with an indecisive boss

Will time off for travel hurt my career

April, 2013

Showing multiple careers on LinkedIn

How to recover from a never-ending childhood

How do I get a job at a company that is not hiring?

March, 2013

I have bi-polar disorder and I keep getting fired

I want to be a professional poker player

January, 2013

I’m scared having kids will ruin my career

I’m 40 and I hate my high-paying job

December, 2012

What do I say when the interviewer asks who’s taking care of my kids?

My last boss hates me. What can I say in the interview?

November, 2012

I’m scared of the endless routine of work

I’m bulimic and skipping school. Help.

I’m stuck at 41. I want a more fun career.

October, 2012

Tips for working with someone with Aspergers

Are temp jobs a dead end?

Should I work where my boyfriend works?

September, 2012

My boss passes off all her work to me.

I’m muslim and wear a veil. How can I interview better?

Why don’t I like my work? Am I lazy?

How can you tell adventure from escapism?

August, 2012

What’s the key to living life on my own terms?

How can I promote my book

Should I interrupt my career or get an abortion?

July, 2012

What should I do if I can do anything? How do I choose?

Should I blog under my own name?

June, 2012

Career paths for people with ADD

I’ve started too many companies

May, 2012

How do you network when you live on a farm?

Why are you so defensive about homeschooling?

Is the sex worker industry a good idea to get fast money?

Graduate school for industrial organization

April, 2012

Does social media favor extroverts?

Should I go back to school for speech pathology?

Followup after an informational interview

Do you always have to think about money?

Can you stay at a good job too long?

March, 2012

How to get a job in a different city

Tricks for doing an all-day interview

Making the best of a bad relocation

Getting a job right out of school

Saying why you quit the last job

How to deal with bad advice

How to explain leaving a job after four months

How to find meaningful work

Choosing between a startup and a big company

February, 2012

How is ok to go without a raise?

How do you keep track of what you read?

Taking workplace anger personally

Lost. Twenty-six. Crying at work.

What are your tips for self-publishing?

Landing a tenure-track teaching job

How does being quoted help a resume?

How do I get a job as a librarian?

How to fix a stalled career

I don’t want to talk about myself

Help. I’m on the verge of an outburst

Why did you stop updating Mailbag?

December, 2011

Good Job Bad Job Title

How Can I Look Older?

Defending the Honor of Penn State

People at work are mean to me

November, 2011

So I’ve been trundling along writing my little theatre and…

I Need Cash to Start My Company

Who’s Really Writing these Questions?

Which Careers Give Work/Life Balance?

How Do I Learn Social Skills?

I Can’t Stick with Anything

How to Test a Business Idea

I’m 30 and I’m Worried I’ll Never Have a Career

Take a Job at the Same Company as My Boyfriend?

What Makes a Good Cover Letter?

Why Big Companies Don’t Negotiate Salary

Telling A Great Boss You’re Quitting

How Many Connections Do I Need on LinkedIn?

Pricing Social Media Consulting

Revealing a Tryst Between Co-workers

Preparing for a Performance Review

October, 2011

Will You Review My Book?

Tips for Going Freelance

Anger Problems at Work

Should I Go Freelance?

Should I Leave NYC?

Dragging a Partner Out of the Closet

I Hate My Brand New Job

What Teens Need for a Good Career

The Job Requires a College Degree

Choosing a Specialty

Fix an Inconsistent Resume

Sex Harassment: How Bad is This?

Should I Have Kids?

Shortcuts to Journalism Success

Startup Self-Doubt

Starting a Tell-All Blog

Getting an Asperger’s Diagnosis

Best Way to Counteroffer

Will Adderall Help My Career?

Resume to Re-enter the Workforce

Should I Have a Second Child?

September, 2011

I’m 22 and I Have No Idea What to Do

My Toddler has Asperger-Like Symptoms

First-time Stint at Unemployment at Age 40

Legal Protection for Future Loss of Income for Mom-to-Be

Is My Chemistry PhD Program Right for Me?

Interviewing for an Entry-Level Position

Coping with Shyness

I quit my job to be home with…

Focusing on career with a new baby in hand.

Should I Be an Electrician?

Who Should I Send My Cover Letter To?

Can I Quit a Good Job?

The Salary I Gave Was Too Low

Should I Lie In Social Situations?

Workaholic Boss

Business Idea: Help People be Creative

I Need a Manageable Workload

Can You Coach My Wife?

Career Paths for Engineers

August, 2011

Using Social Media to Network

Turning a Blog into a Book

Funding for Non-Tech Companies

Time to Have Kids

Work as a Journalist Online

Jealous Co-workers

Earning a lot of Money

Writing a Grad School Essay

My Son Needs Help

Negative Blog Comments

I Need a Mentor

Relocating for Boyfriend

I’m 24 and I’m Lost. Help.

What if the Salary is Not Listed?

Where Should I Live?

Will an MBA Make Me Rich?

Semi-Starving Artist

There’s No Money In My Future

Book List for Founders

Illegal Interview Questions

Do Blogs Create Enemies?

Lying About Experience

July, 2011

Blog-to-Book Deals

Going Back to School

Getting Funding

I Have an Idea for a Book

Do I Need a Degree?


Disclosing Salary History

Get a Job in a New City