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Should I be earning more money?

I’m a 27-year-old INFP woman. I live with my parents, have a boyfriend of four years, and quit a good office job last year to travel. Now I’m a part-time manual laborer (I’m a longshoreman, so I tie up container and cruise ships). I also have my own office space where I do some freelance […]

What if I’m in-between personality types?

The Quistic personality test is excellent around 90%. However, it does have issues with borderline types such as me (ENTJ) and one of my friends. But it hits the spot with most. How do you deal with that situation? I find it rather interesting that the founder of a personality test website personally roots outs oddities.

Should I train my ungrateful co-workers? 

When I joined my current company a few years back, I started working on a special project that I have experience in, but the tool I was using was relatively new to me. As expected I spent my weekends and free time at home learning and excelling in it. After two years, a newly employed […]

My husband doesn’t want more kids. Should I get a job?

I’m reaching out to you and hoping you would share any insight you might have. I’m an INFP with one toddler. I want to have more kids but my ENTJ husband doesn’t want anymore. He says we can’t afford them. So I want to go back to work (community/career college teaching) to try to set […]

What should I do with my life?

I know this is too long, but I don’t know how to transition and I married a man who was succinct so I didn’t have to be, so I am banking off of content interest for you to keep reading. But I don’t feel entitled for you to keep reading if you are bored – […]

How do I prepare to get a good job after college?

I originally wanted to be a lawyer, however, after interning for a law firm over the summer, I quickly noticed how miserable lawyers are. During my second year of college, I am taking Finance and Accounting courses, and loving the work. I have decided that I want to become an investment banker after college. What […]

What is the best job for an INFP?

I know you have to keep trying different jobs out to know what you want to do, I think my problem is that there is some kind of block/resistance around anything, including the jobs I try out. I’m an INFP. I have interned as a Human resource intern for a non-profit and I think I […]