What if I’m in-between personality types?

The Quistic personality test is excellent around 90%. However, it does have issues with borderline types such as me (ENTJ) and one of my friends. But it hits the spot with most. How do you deal with that situation?

I find it rather interesting that the founder of a personality test website personally roots outs oddities.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    I can tell from your email that you are not an ENTJ. First of all, an ENTJ would not use the pseudonym you used when you took the test: “Nobody Nowhere”. ENTJs are hyper focused and would not spend the time to think of something that clever. Also, ENTJs streamline all communication so they would not add the phrase “and one of my friends”.

    But more importantly, if an ENTJ is really an ENTJ they would never think they are a “borderline type”. They know they are pure ENTJ. And in fact, there are not borderline types. Rather there are types that think in terms of borders and gray areas and types that don’t.

    I think you’re probably an ENTP. That type is not as focused as an ENTJ but ENTPs see more possibilities than an ENTJ. This means an ENTP and can see gray areas and will bring more information to an email than and ENTJ. Also, and ENTP loves being clever so coming up with the pseudonym “Nobody Nowhere” would be fun and easy for an ENTP.

    Finally, ENTPs love power, so they often test as ENTJs, but ENTPs are not optimized to usurp power like ENTJs are. ENTJs are laser-focused on power whereas ENTPs like to talk about all their ideas, and they like people to tell them how smart they are, and they seek newness all the time to maintain their interest. This distracts the ENTP from consolidating power. So it’s common for an ENTP to erroneously test as someone who loves power and will do anything to get it – including maintaining a one-track mind. But it’s the ability to constantly have random, new ideas that make an ENTP so special.


  2. Bel
    Bel says:

    I’m an ENTP, and I agree with Penelope. I often test as an ENTJ. And I usually use pseudonyms like that :)

  3. jessica
    jessica says:

    I’m loving these recent Q’s. They are hitting close to home. My sister is an ENTP. She is 24 and was already on the leadership exec track at a major engineering aerospace firm. She has recently deterred, though, and moved into the design engineering space. An ENTJ would stay hyper focused on the exec track- the faster, the better. She moved away from that to be able to work in the space of ‘new ideas’.
    She’ll end up at the top either way, but this track is the ENTP way.

  4. Gordana Dragicevic
    Gordana Dragicevic says:

    If in doubt, study cognitive functions and see how you recognize yourself in them. That usually resolves the seemingly borderline test results. For example, the mentioned ENTJ and ENTP don’t share a single cognitive function in their “stack”, and that is why the two types are in reality quite different.

  5. IreneBeiseisHelen
    IreneBeiseisHelen says:

    Hello there,

    I was tested both as an ENTP and ENTJ, more times as ENTJ though. I enjoy the mere thought of being an ENTJ, I love power and sometimes it seems to me that everything that helps me maintain this position of power and acknowledgment at my faculty is my ENTJ personality, as I am ardent, adore being the leader (not the dictator type but organizing people to achieve maximum in the group, usually finding precisely the type of task they are inclined to and made for), envious of other’s success and extremely angry when the aforementioned success is not deserved. In romantic relationships I am a tad possessive, but only until my partner has proven me fidelity, is dedicated and is wholeheartedly honest with me (I am actually very chill after I have discovered these trait in a partner, and only then can my sense of humour and the tendency to slightly tease my partner get its outburst). I am extremely monogamous and enjoy the thought of belonging to one person only, aka. having the so-called “my person”.I think I am not that inclined to finishing everything as soon as possible, I do procrastinate, and I like to gather all the data before embarking on the current university activity’s journey of knowledge, I I am allowed to say it that way.

    I would like to know your opinion on my type.

    Best regards,


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