Help. I’m on the verge of an outburst

I’ve read your articles on quitting several times, and I enjoy all of them.  Some of your posts offer advice like quitting and keeping a good reputation for quality work.

I have been working as an analyst for three months at a company that I do not think I’m a cultural fit.  I believe that I will burn bridges by quitting because of my time frame.  It’s not short enough like two weeks for them to forget about me, and not feel bitter for investing resources like they have done.  But  three months is not long enough to make a lasting reputation for quality work.  In fact,  I started off strong but recently have been having communication problems with my boss.

How do I quit a job when I’m in this gray area, gracefully?

I work in the liquor industry and its unlike any environment I’ve worked in.  I’m often sexually harassed verbally, cursed at, and insulted by my boss.  How do I communicate and leave a good impression when I feel like I’m on the verge of an outburst?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    All the rules about quitting apply. This isn’t any different than all the other scenarios people quit in.

    Usually someone is quitting because they don’t like their boss. Ususally someone is quitting because they are not performing that well at work.

    When you quit, focus on what you did well, focus on what you like about your boss. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from an outburst, and if you can’t control yourself now, you will just get yourself into more trouble later in your career.

    Here are a couple of posts to keep you make quitting a positive experience for your career:

    Good luck.


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