Why are you so defensive about homeschooling?

I have a question. Why do so many feel they must vigilantly defend their decision to homeschool?
So much of the dialogue I read regarding homeschooling seems to be centered around defending/justifying the decision. I admit to having done this, however, at some point, I realized that it was no longer important for me to do this. We homeschool our child and have enjoyed the benefits and frustrations that come with it. I am not sending this to you as some sort of troll. I have found your blog entries to be honest and thoughtful and wanted to pose this question to you.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    I think all good writing is an honest exploration of the things we most fear. Hemmimgway, for example, wrote about love. Malcolm Gladwell wrote his last book on what makes people special because he fears his dependence on the fact that he is perceived as special.

    My fear is that I am sqandering my kids’ childhoods. So I write about the decisions I make and the repercussions.


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