I am a regular reader of your blog and a huge fan of your work.  I started following it in 2007. I was drawn to it because I was/am that classic twenty-something: lost.  I immediately found my post-undergrad job to be unsatisfying and boring.  I started in corporate finance.  I have since upgraded to an analyst position in asset valuation at a financial services firm.  I have been here three years and although I am not miserable, I daily yearn for something more.

I am in the process of researching NGO’s in Nepal.  I want to move there for 2-3 months to work in women’s empowerment.  I want to volunteer in Nepal because (a) I have spent the majority of the last five years making money for myself and my employers, not contributing much to humanity, (b) I want to immerse myself into a new culture and I find the Nepalese culture intriguing and (c) I want a hub to explore Asia (primarily after my commitment is fufilled in Nepal).  I have been to Asia twice and traveled throughout Europe in college so I am very confident in my traveling skills.

My biggest hesitation here has probably crossed your mind: what will I do upon my return?  I don’t know.  I am hoping that while abroad, I will be presented with new opportunities that will lead to my next step or, at the very least, my time overseas will shed some light on my next career move.  I am fairly certain that I do not want to stay in finance and I do not want to come back to Chicago, which is where I’ve lived for nearly five years.  One of my inclinations, among many, is to pursue a career in writing, using my material from a blog that I will keep while in Nepal and afterward.  My priorities of traveling and exploring will come second to writing my blog to ensure that I have a product when I return to the US (if I return).

What are your thoughts? Am I completely insane to pick up and leave (with approximately $10K in the bank) after building so much career equity in the past five years?  I am so lost and without a clear direction on my next “job” and I feel drawn to do something drastic and unconventional like this.