I recently lost my job and am at my wits end. My nerves are shot and my anxiety is high!  I was encouraged and inspired by your blog and postings. However, when money is an issue and bills are mounting, how do you stay focused enough to pursue other interests when so many other matters seem to take precedence at at time like this???

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Try to compartmentalize. It’s really really difficult to think about anything besides money when you have no money, but you have to try. Otherwise money ruins your life. So write down what you absolutely need to pay for sure really soon, and write down a plan to deal with it. LIke, you will call them and put it off. You will get a temp job, whatever. Then after you do that, put the money thoughts in a box, and think about other stuff for the day. Then do it again, the next day, if you have to . Just to assure yourself that you have some sort of a plan.

    I have worked for myself for so long, that I’m used to not knowing when I’ll have money. In order to keep myself calm, I make lists about money constantly. And when I get worried to the point where I can’t think about other stuff, I look at my list, and I tell myself I have a handle on what I owe, and I’ll figure out a way to pay thing – it just might be really late. Then I can put the thoughts a way for a bit.

    The trick with trying to get money when you have no money is being able to put the money thoughts aside so you can have big ideas and smart ideas that will get you out of the money trouble.

    Good luck.


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