This is probably going to seem like one of the most big-headed questions you have been asked but I need your advice on finding a truly challenging job role.

I have applied to, and been employed in, far more jobs in my lifetime than can possibly be considered healthy. There is a common theme, if I am not initially overqualified I will always without fail come to terms with the job abnormally quickly. While in essence this seems like an advantage from the outside it is anything but; within a few weeks I will generally have mastered most aspects of the role, (assuming that the job contains no seasonal responsibilities,) in a few more weeks I start picking my duties apart in order to tailor them to my work style and within a few months I have the entire position down to a fine art. Which is where things get sticky, after this point I simply get bored and my motivation goes entirely downhill and I am either forced to take a new position or to exit the company entirely before my lack of focus begins affecting my performance.

This process has never taken longer than 6-7 months -often occurring even sooner- and as there are often no opportunities to move on to a more challenging position within the same company I end up leaving to find something else. While I have amassed several glowing recommendations in this fashion I’ve still never held a job consistently for longer than 8 months, and, it’s a cycle I can’t help but want to break.

Basically, I’m just asking what are the most challenging positions you have come across? (That don’t involve a start up. I’d rather save that rabbit hole for a few years down the line.)