Whenever there’s no new post on your blog, I check on the Mailbag section. But today I went there and it’s gone. Did you take it down?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Yes! I took it down. It was hard to tell how popular it was, actually, until I took it down. But I had so many requests to reinstate Mailbag that here it is. Back.

    I keep thinking of new ways to use Mailbag to make it interesting to a wider range of people. One thing I want to do is add more links. I have a million great links that people send me that I don’t use in blog posts. So here’s one for today:

    Usually people get so upset that they made a mistake that they can’t learn from doing it because they get defensive and shut down when people talk about it. But the most successful people are able to learn from getting input about mistakes.

    This research is from the Harvard Business Review: http://hbr.org/1991/05/teaching-smart-people-how-to-learn/

    I am hoping that by listening to you guys tell me that I should keep writing Mailbag, I put myself into that group of most successful people who can learn from people talking about their mistakes.


    • Lauren
      Lauren says:

      I’m wondering – do most questions submitted to mail bag get answered? I’ve always thought about writing to you, but don’t want to waste my time cluttering your inbox if most questions don’t get answered anyway…..

      I really appreciate your ability to change and incorporate feedback. It’s impressive.

  2. Kelsey Langley
    Kelsey Langley says:

    I’m glad it’s back too! I enjoy hearing you work through specific situations with people. Also, maybe you should have a “Links I Love” section, or something comparable. I know I’m not the only reader that is thrilled reading through your links! I always wonder how you have so many great links. You could post it and give us a sentence or two of why it’s cool.

  3. Jennifa
    Jennifa says:

    I like mailbag, always wonder that there are not more comments to questions posed.

    Links are good too, because of PT I know get the NY Times delivered to my house (just Sunday). Since we live in kind of a blue collar area, and the actual delivery ot the Times has been spotty, my husband always jokes we added 20 minutes to the delivery persons route – having to take a side trip just to throw the paper at my driveway.

  4. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I love the idea of making it a forum. That way people could contribute — your readers are probably a pretty smart bunch. It’d be nice to have a vote up vote down function, too.

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