I have an idea for a company, and I have basic skills for writing code. Can you recommend good books or guides for how to take a startup idea and get funding and launch it?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    I did a course about how to launch a company. So you could take the course. Here’s a link:


    The course tells you how to figure out if the idea should be funded or not, and how to get the funding, etc.

    But really, just tell me the idea and I’ll tell you how to get funding and launch it. I mean, I know it sounds crazy that I’ll tell you over email, but here’s why:

    1. Very few ideas are big enough to get funding.

    2. If you need funding you don’t launch the company. You do whatever needs to be done to get funding to launch the company. If you don’t need funding then you launch the company by making a sale so you have money.

    3. So the first step is always evaluating the idea for how it would be executed and the next step is either pitch or sell, but not launch a company.

    Most entrepreneurs end up telling people ten or twenty ideas for companies before they find one that’s good enough to run with.


  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    to build on what Penelope said, just because it’s an idea a VC might not want to fund doesn’t mean it’s not a bad idea for you.
    There are plenty of small tech companies that make decent to good (thousands to millions of dollars a year) profits that a VC won’t touch but make the owners a good living.

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