How can I succeed at a new job with Aspergers?

I’m a diagnosed woman with Asperger’s heading into a job in customer service. The environment I am heading into is like high school, according to many of the reviews I read on Glassdoor and other sites. Any direct advice for this type of job so I can succeed?

In my town there are no other jobs. The actual unemployment rate is really high and among the disabled it is even higher of course. I want to work, very badly. I also want to be a success in my own eyes as well as the eyes of my parents and my friends.

Any wise words would be appreciated. (Did I phrase that right?)

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    The work world works by people following unwritten rules. Learn rules.  You can follow rules better than most people,  but you don’t see the rules as well as most people do. Get a friend at work who has patience to tell you rules that are obvious to everyone else. Every time you realize that you did something someone didn’t like or didn’t expect, ask for a rule so you know what to do the next time. 

    Here are some things I’ve written about rules to get you started:

    Good luck!


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