Would an ENTJ be romantically compatible with an INFJ?

I know MBTI types don’t matter but I’m just curious.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    This question is a good example of practicing pattern recognition using MBTI in the context of finding a partner.

    INFJs hate everyone. They are the most dissatisfied in marriages of all types. The INFJ has to decide to be happy with what they get and then they are happy. But everyone is imperfect and no one cares about the INFJ values/standards even if the INFJ thinks they do.

    Don’t ever utter a criticism. If you have to criticize your partner now, you can’t be with the person. Because you will be way more critical in 5 years.

    When you are with an ENTJ, focus on what they DO give to the INFJ – which is space for self-discovery. ENTJs are fulfilled by leading groups and grabbing power so they aren’t focused on defining values like you are. Accept what they give to a romantic relationship is different from what an INFJ does and reframe when you get disappointed. Remember that to make relationships work, it isn’t about whose value is more right and changing the other person, it’s about understanding and letting each other be who they are.



    The INFJ will also need to learn to not fly off the handle when they feel pressured by their ENTJ partner to start a business or monetize their special hobbies. And just remind themselves that it’s part of what makes the ENTJ so valuable, i.e. someone who makes a ton of money so the INFJ can be free to stay at home and think about how much they hate the horrid earth all day.

    Though I guess those could fall under “don’t criticize” and “space for self-discovery.”

    • Minami
      Minami says:

      I am honestly so sick of accidentally posting under my full name but I’m also tired of screaming at you to not publish my comments, haha.

  3. Marina
    Marina says:

    “INFJs hate everybody”.

    I laughed so much reading this. I’m an INFJ and I agree. Eternal hatred for Humanity and dissatisfaction with life, until I decide that I have enough, and then I remember to be happy.


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