I’m bored. Know any difficult internet problems that need to be solved?

I need a new product or project to work on. F*cking bored.

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    [Full disclosure: this is my friend. He is a successful small business owner. I get this type of email from him periodically.]

    You’re bored because you don’t take big enough risks with your business. Boredom is a lack of focus. And you don’t have to focus intensively if you don’t have something at stake.

    You think failing means incompetence, so you refuse to put yourself at real risk of failing. But if you are not truly scared of failing then you won’t focus and if you don’t focus then you’re bored.

    In college I took a course about comparing the Old Testament to the stories of Greek gods and goddesses. And what I came away from that semester thinking is that human life has meaning because we will die so we’re scared of failing all the time. And Greek gods don’t die so they don’t fear failure, so they’re bored all the time.


  2. Lydia Mincey
    Lydia Mincey says:

    The class you took on religion sounds fascinating. I love how religion reveals the depths of human anxiety and tries to build a narrative to alleviate it.

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