How is a welder out of work when the demand is so high?

Dear Penelope,

I haven’t seen you write much about the trades, but I’m still interested in hearing what you know. My brother is a Flux core welder in Tucson and having a really hard time time finding a job. They hire him knowing he’s entry level and then let him go because he doesn’t have the skill level they want. I think we’d like to have you fix his resume, but also if you know how to go about getting those jobs where experience is required but it’s hard to get the experience without a job.

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  1. Penelope
    Penelope says:

    I write a lot about trades because I think they’re a great path for kids who learn mechanically/kinesthetically rather than through books: high demand and high pay. This profession doesn’t require college so much as learning on the job in an apprenticeship..

    That said, your brother needs to be an apprentice. And if he was already an apprentice he needs to do it for a longer time. He needs to make less money when he’s an apprentice so he can learn more. He’s taking jobs at a too high hourly rate for his skills. If he keeps doing this he’ll Pissy off everyone who could hire him in the future.


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