Should I connect with people I don’t really know? Is there a target number of connections to have? How do I know when I have enough to help me get a job?

I moonlight at a small animal clinic in my free time, as a vet assistant. I love it but our technology is pretty dated as far as Internet presence is concerned. The vet who owns the clinic wants me to come up with a social media plan for the clinic. But I know that no one there has the time or skills to implement the plan.

What I’d like to prepose is I do their social media remotely.  My problem is how do I define what I am doing and show value to social media? I’m basically preposing fire to cavemen. I’m on the payroll at $10/HR which is fine for clinic stuff. However I know the vet will want to keep that arrangement which I don’t feel is fair for the social media service.

My hubby says to just up my hours spent but I feel that’s a recipe for disaster because they will catch on at some point and it just feels wrong. This would be easier if they understood social media. It’s maddening.

I worked at a company for about 3 years, which was fine through the recession, but a new manager came on board with whom I fought constantly. Yelling and screaming matches were the norm.

Fed up, I quit and recently accepted a new gig. Now, just a month in, I hate it. It’s not for me, it’s a big company and has extensive travel requirements and other tasks that I don’t even want to deal with.

So, problem is that now I’m job hunting again – but with weight of not being able to get good recommendation from last employer and the new one is only a month in, not an easy story to spin.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

I have a short background in tech support but have spent the last few years as a graphic designer. How do I write a technical resume with a 3 year gap in tech work? Should I include the graphic design stuff on that resume?

I just received an offer letter from this morning. Should I counter back with a written letter? Or should I place a phone call to ask if they are open to negotiation regarding salary? In the letter the salary is stated and reinforced with a comment regarding their policy.

Do you have any advice on how to write a resume after being absent from the “real” workforce for close to 15 years? I am sure that I am turning off potential employers merely by what I am listing as my qualifications. (I’m a practicing fine artist, I ran our family business for seven years and homeschooled our son for the remaining seven.)

I have worked for the same company for 21 years as a sales rep,same boss for 20 years (new boss last year) traveled extensively, I am in my mid 40’s,single male (forgot to get married!) have done pretty good for not having a degree, well here is where I ask I wonder what Penelop would do.

I believe I am about to be let go, fired, laid off what ever you want to call it,and some days I am fine with it as I think change would be good, but on the other hand I am SCARED to death! I wake up at night with the horrible thought on my mind, what will I do!? I recently bought a house (first time buyer) have a company car, 401k, insurance etc. and the economy in southern california is terrible in the inland empire, I sort of have like a panic attack but then I try and calm myself down, then I am fine for a while and I think well, I better start to get a plan together….. but I have no clue.

Recently I applied for a position with a tech start up company based in Portland. I have no experience in their particular industry. However I love start ups and I want to move from my current job in customer service at a retail chain to a career track I think I would truly enjoy. This is an entry level position, but one I am afraid I will be battling with several hundred applicants if not more. Can you give me tips on how to have a successful interview?

Is it ok to email the manager of a department about a job opening in his department? I got his name by doing some research, but I don’t know him at all.

I am getting a job offer imminently. How I can negotiate salary when I’ve already given them a minimum? (I know, I know I’m not supposed to do that, but the job ad asked for it with my initial application!) I did some research, and I think the minimum salary I gave them was too low. I suggested 10% more than I was making at my old job, and seemed amazing until I found out more about the position. The title sounds lower level than my old job, but at this company, which is global and much larger than my old company, the position has a lot of responsibility, need for insight, and 10-hour days are not uncommon there. All that makes me think I should have gone higher. What can I do now? Is it too late?