I’m faced with a very fucked up work situation and I thought I would ask for your advice.
This just happened to me:

One of our counsellors comes up to me and ask me for some legal advice. We go into a private room and she tells me about a matter she’s having with the organization. she needs help. in the process, she discloses something the company is doing that is illegal. The company is not paying proper employee taxes to the government and the result is that when an employee is fired they will not have unemployment benefits.

The management justified this by saying, we have to do it because we have no money. but the employees are getting screwed over. Management says, “At least these people have jobs.” Also, management is lying to donors about how many people are working at the company, but at lease the work is getting done.

But I think the government needs to be informed of this illegal behavior so the employees can negotiate a resolution that is beneficial to them.

I’m just not certain what to do. Do you have any advice?

Thanks for reading my lengthy email. The first thing I noticed when I came here was how little our Director seems to care about her employees.