I wish I could read about more in your blog about how to find an investor for a start-up company. This is a forte for you correct? Why don’t we hear more about it?!

Let me tell you something, getting into the retail industry is difficult and kind of stupid, unless you have a lot of money or a great idea. My friend has a great idea, but not enough money to grow it beyond a craft fair thing.  She started a mitten business about 4 years ago — she even created the entire mitten design.

This year is her fourth year in business and she has been accepted to a major, national crafts show. She wants to go to more of these large craft shows, but she can’t find a way to invest into the company to keep up with a high demand and streamline her process for these socks.  I’ve told her she needs to create an online store, but she’s nervous about the amount of money it will cost and if she can keep up with demand.

So, what are the next steps here?  How do we find an investor without going on some stupid TV show?  Any thoughts or cares in the world for a little start-up that has huge possibilities?