I Have an Idea for a Book

I have always had a praised writing style and much career guidance towards writing. But what to write about has eluded me. I do know however that when I speak about growing up with [semi-famous person] people are so interested and wish to know more. People seem to respond strongly to anything related to Mario.

I was given a verbal blessing by [famous person’s] mom to write a book and use our pictures. I also have a small amount of rare rehearsal footage of us as a children dancing in the studio where he learned to be a performer.

My question to you is what should I do now to move forward. How can I parent this concept for a book into reality?


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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    You should write a book proposal and try to get an agent. If you can’t get an agent the book will make very little money- definitely not enough to support you while you write it. If your book is truly a good idea you can get an agent to get you advance payment from a publisher for you to write it.

    Warning: just because you have access to a famous person doesn’t mean you have a good book idea. It takes a lot more than that to sell a book proposal. You should go buy a book on how to write a proposal an read it cover to cover.


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