Workaholic Boss

What if your boss is a workaholic. Is it worth trying to make him love you?

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    Yes. Workaholics are just like any other boss. They are human and they have failings. The workaholic typically is either a perfectionist or someone with a terrible home life, or both. In any case, your boss if probably sad and insecure in his or her situation and could use some emotional support.

    If you can figure out how to give that, without being condescending, you will work well with your boss.

    Here are a couple of posts about how to turn a bad boss into a good boss:


  2. Alesya
    Alesya says:

    As a former/current workaholic, people always won me over one of two ways – either doing jobs I was bad at (for me, proofreading) or staying late when I really needed the help (a big project was due.) Most of all, workaholics love other people who love work!

    Well, or introduce him/her to a potential relationship. Something to consider!

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