Is it ok to email the manager of a department about a job opening in his department? I got his name by doing some research, but I don’t know him at all.

I have a great job. It pays well, I work with a great team, I have been given many great opportunities, and I am learning a lot and developing my skills. I am currently working on a very high-profile project that, over the next 2 years will provide me with valuable experience and exposure.

The problem is that I’m bored out of my skull. I’m an underutilized resource. While the work is good, the pace is excruciatingly slow, and I could do so much more. Yes, I have asked for more work, but considering I am fully funded and am promised to our client as full time, I am not permitted to take on other work as well.

The question is, do I stick it out for a couple years to gain the experience and make me more valuable to my next employer, or do I jump ship now because the day to day is less than ideal?

I am getting a job offer imminently. How I can negotiate salary when I’ve already given them a minimum? (I know, I know I’m not supposed to do that, but the job ad asked for it with my initial application!) I did some research, and I think the minimum salary I gave them was too low. I suggested 10% more than I was making at my old job, and seemed amazing until I found out more about the position. The title sounds lower level than my old job, but at this company, which is global and much larger than my old company, the position has a lot of responsibility, need for insight, and 10-hour days are not uncommon there. All that makes me think I should have gone higher. What can I do now? Is it too late?

I’m a 26 year old guy with Autism. A friend of mine introduced me to your site and I have been enjoying your articles- Thank you.

In many social interactions I run into, I find myself asking the question: “Should I lie like everyone else, or should I be honest and truly help them…or in most cases hurt their feelings.” … Sometimes I get asked questions for advice by a friend or something and I really try to help them with the situation where instead of getting help…they are just wanting to share with me. I obviously miss this most of the time and I have gone so far as to say, “Well do you really want my honest opinion of this?” Anyway, I’m not sure if I asked a question in there or if you get what I’m trying to communicate. I would just like some help with this situation.

What if your boss is a workaholic. Is it worth trying to make him love you?

I´m an ex creative director. I worked in advertising for many years and then had to leave the agency life because I was unable to combine it with parenting.

Now that I go to playdates I´m quite horrified of the lack of creativity that I find in most homes. I strongly believe that creativity thinking should be a compulsory subject in any school, specially nowadays. We know that academic results won´t translate into success and our kids will have to invent their careers, and yet we put them in front of the tv or give them toys that are all but inspiring or challenging.

I want to start a business to teach creativity thinking in schools. I also would like to teach directly to families ( I would visit them, talk about their values etc, play with the kids for a while to understand their personalities and then give them a bunch of tools and info they could use to improve their creativity skills).

What do you think about it? Any advice, ideas…? I´ve never started a business so I´m quite clueless of where to start.

Do 9-to-5 jobs exist anymore? If so, in what industries? What type of jobs should I be looking for? I’m a proposal writer, and I moved from a Fortune 100 company to a non-profit in an effort to find more work/life balance. But I’m still have more projects than I can do on under 50 hours per week. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

I read your blog all the time. I saw at one point that you mentioned you do career coaching but don’t really advertise it.

As I read your blog, I see in so many ways reflections of my wife, except for her extreme introversion. I was wondering if you’d be willing to potentially work with me to work with her (with the goal of eventually having her talk to you directly) because she’s reticent to seek this sort of help herself.

As a little additional background, she’s 29, an INTJ, possibly with undiagnosed Aspergers, though probably on the milder end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, though you seem to have navigated particular difficult parts of your life by having a friend or two to give you advice at crucial times, she has had so many failed interpersonal relationships (especially with medical professionals or so-called ‘experts’ whom she already knew more than) she has become nearly incapable of seeking or asking for help. She feels she has no practical skills and only chases after fairly un-challenging jobs that cater to neither her abilities, nor interests; eventually leaving her emotionally and psychologically drained.

If this sounds like something you are willing or able to help with, I’d love to hear back.

How often does Facebook/Twitter and other social networking tools hinder your chances of landing/keeping a job? I know that more and more businesses are searching prospective employees on Facebook prior to interviews. What kind of information should you keep from the public eye?

I would like to continue to be an active social networker but I am finding it increasingly more difficult. Do the pros outweigh the cons for the average user?

I’m an engineer with aspirations for making it to the top of the management pile at my 6000-person company.

Right now I’m in an amazing opportunity where I’m working directly with a vice president as his assistant.

How do I capitalize on this opportunity? What can I do to help launch myself from this point? I’ve done great things to get here, but I want to keep the momentum going.

My other question is do I need an MBA? Do you need a second masters degree to be promoted up the ladder? Or will my experience and abilities get me there? What if I want to move to another company, do I need an MBA?