Penelope what do you when unwanted advances escalate after leaving a work place?

A senior manager of my friend’s company has been making unwanted advances to my friend. So [she quit working at the company]. That manager, who is married with children, has taken the advances further now that she has left the company.

She has not told her husband the full extent as with most men he would confront him, possibly physically. She has not told her new boss even though she made it clear if she has any probems especially with men to let her know.

Now it’s a small world and this man has been appearing at some of the same events… [Note: I deleted the rest. It was twelve paragraphs of details. But you can imagine it.]

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  1. Penelope Trunk
    Penelope Trunk says:

    If he harms her physically, she should report him to the police. Anything short of that, she should ignore. He’s just being a jerk. Some men are jerks. He has no power over her.

    There are women (for example, every very good-looking 26 year old woman in corporate life) who have to put up with unwanted advances from men they work with every day. It’s just how men are. It would be great if men could control themselves, but they don’t. And there is no law against them being jerks, so you just have to deal iwth it by ignoring them. or, like your friend did, tell them flat out to get away.


  2. Amy
    Amy says:


    This guy may not have harmed her *yet*, but he could be a stalker. She absolutely should tell him, once, in writing to leave her alone and then never, ever respond to him again, but she should be very careful that this guys isn’t crazy. See Gavin Debecker and the Gift of Fear.

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