How autistic people figure out what they’re good at

How can you find out what you’re good at? Especially if you don’t want to ask anyone and might be autistic?



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  1. Penelope
    Penelope says:

    If you think you might be autistic then you are. The World Health Organization has listed autism as self-diagnosable. This is because it’s so rare that someone thinks they’re autistic when they’re not. For neurotypical people it literally never crosses their mind.

    Once you understand that you’re autistic it’s easy to find out what you’re good at. And, for those of you who are reading this and not autistic (probably none you, to be honest) understanding who you are is the way to find out what you’re good at.

    By definition autism means you are really really good at something. Autism is a developmental condition where you are really great at some things and really bad at others, whereas neurotypical people are average at everything. An easy example of this is that if you learn to read early then your brain stops learning to read faces early; the skills are sequential because the same part of the brain that learns both those skills. In my family most of us learned to read before age 3 and most of us are faceblind.

    So really having autism means you’re really good at something, and the reason you’re having trouble finding it is that you’re having trouble saying, I’m autistic. I have a course starting on Monday (three days!) that is focused on helping women who are autistic understand their strengths.

    Workshop is four evenings at 8pm Eastern July 31 – Aug 3
    Our focus:
    1. How to figure out if anyone is autistic
    2. How to see your personal gifts that come with being autistic
    3. How to leverage those gifts to meet your goals
    4. How to identify people who will give you energy instead of drain you.

    Sign up here:


    • Ann
      Ann says:

      Hi Penelope,
      Thanks for going to the trouble of answering me.I sent an email before this asking will it be recorded please?.I’m interested just wary I’ll miss the lives.I tend to let the rest of the household takes over.I’m doing a course right now that has recordings.I’ve listened.I’ve got further than other courses.It’sabbout setting up a business possibly subscription boxes

  2. Ann
    Ann says:

    I probably learned to read early.I used to read so much.It’s seen as good,even though you are sitting there.You’re not annoying anyone,you can zone out and people think you’re smart/ learning.I do sometimes have trouble recognising people out of context ie if they work behind a counter wearing a uniform and I meet them outside of that

  3. Ano
    Ano says:

    Wrong question. You aren’t good at anything. Even if you’re autistic. The question should be: How do I become good at something? The outlook on life that we have inherent skills waiting to be found is a broken get rich quick mentality and holds you back from doing the hard low-ego work needed to not suck at one thing.

  4. Ann
    Ann says:

    Hi Ano,
    So how do you pick the thing you want to be Good At?Ask others what think you seem good at or follow an interest and go from there?
    I’m really curious about your thoughts on this and would love suggestions


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