I’m a management consultant with an MBA and a technology focus. Every time I try to choose an area to specialize in, I get interested in something else. I really don’t care very much what subject matter I’m working on. What I like about my work is rapidly learning new things, making sense out of ambiguous situations, high pressure to deliver, meeting a lot of new people and the prestige and good salary/benefits that allow my husband to stay home with our kids. There is enough work to do at my company that so far I have always taken new projects in totally different areas just based on what interests me and avoiding too much travel.

But I don’t think I’m going to be able to progress and become a leader if I don’t choose a niche – and I can’t see myself ever finding a new job with such a broad focus. I do eventually want a new job to avoid travel and to build a more lasting network. For that I am pretty sure I need to specialize and become an expert in something. But how do I choose what?  It can’t just be random or I’ll have a hard time committing.

Penelope what do you when unwanted advances escalate after leaving a work place?

A senior manager of my friend’s company has been making unwanted advances to my friend. So [she quit working at the company]. That manager, who is married with children, has taken the advances further now that she has left the company.

She has not told her husband the full extent as with most men he would confront him, possibly physically. She has not told her new boss even though she made it clear if she has any probems especially with men to let her know.

Now it’s a small world and this man has been appearing at some of the same events… [Note: I deleted the rest. It was twelve paragraphs of details. But you can imagine it.]

How do you feel about taking Adderall to get through the day? I have not been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, but I have taken it to pass exams and get through days where I had zero energy and a million things on my to do list. The benefits are great and I wish I had a prescription.

Normally I am tired constantly even though I eat healthy, get good sleep and exercise 2 – 3 times a week. I am also normally anti-social and struggle to stay motivated at work, even though I work for a great company and enjoy my job. If I am not taking Adderall you can probably find me drinking Red Bull or taking a 5 Hour Energy, but it doesn’t compare.

I hate to admit how I rely on these things but when I see how happy, motivated, and focused I am, I gain the confidence I need. I’m in the early stages of a career I want to do amazing things with and I don’t want to get off track. If something so simple can make amazing improvement, is it worth it?

I am a very shy person. I hardly say a word in the public. I have just been appointed the head of the marketing department. What should I do?

I’m in a job now that’s 70% mind-numbingly boring/frustrating and 30% great; I’ve been here for almost 5 years. Almost a year ago, I had a daughter and have been able to stay at home with her on Fridays (for a pay cut). I couldn’t be happier with my home life situation, but my job is really wearing on me. I’m now being recruited for a few opportunities, both inside and outside of my company, most of which would be more interesting and with more pay, but none would allow for this 80% work schedule. So my home life would surely suffer. I guess the question is how do I advance in my career while also being happy at home? Is this even possible?

I have a great job. It pays well, I work with a great team, I have been given many great opportunities, and I am learning a lot and developing my skills. I am currently working on a very high-profile project that, over the next 2 years will provide me with valuable experience and exposure.

The problem is that I’m bored out of my skull. I’m an underutilized resource. While the work is good, the pace is excruciatingly slow, and I could do so much more. Yes, I have asked for more work, but considering I am fully funded and am promised to our client as full time, I am not permitted to take on other work as well.

The question is, do I stick it out for a couple years to gain the experience and make me more valuable to my next employer, or do I jump ship now because the day to day is less than ideal?

What if your boss is a workaholic. Is it worth trying to make him love you?

Do 9-to-5 jobs exist anymore? If so, in what industries? What type of jobs should I be looking for? I’m a proposal writer, and I moved from a Fortune 100 company to a non-profit in an effort to find more work/life balance. But I’m still have more projects than I can do on under 50 hours per week. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

How often does Facebook/Twitter and other social networking tools hinder your chances of landing/keeping a job? I know that more and more businesses are searching prospective employees on Facebook prior to interviews. What kind of information should you keep from the public eye?

I would like to continue to be an active social networker but I am finding it increasingly more difficult. Do the pros outweigh the cons for the average user?

I’m an engineer with aspirations for making it to the top of the management pile at my 6000-person company.

Right now I’m in an amazing opportunity where I’m working directly with a vice president as his assistant.

How do I capitalize on this opportunity? What can I do to help launch myself from this point? I’ve done great things to get here, but I want to keep the momentum going.

My other question is do I need an MBA? Do you need a second masters degree to be promoted up the ladder? Or will my experience and abilities get me there? What if I want to move to another company, do I need an MBA?