I have a short background in tech support but have spent the last few years as a graphic designer. How do I write a technical resume with a 3 year gap in tech work? Should I include the graphic design stuff on that resume?

Penelope what do you when unwanted advances escalate after leaving a work place?

A senior manager of my friend’s company has been making unwanted advances to my friend. So [she quit working at the company]. That manager, who is married with children, has taken the advances further now that she has left the company.

She has not told her husband the full extent as with most men he would confront him, possibly physically. She has not told her new boss even though she made it clear if she has any probems especially with men to let her know.

Now it’s a small world and this man has been appearing at some of the same events… [Note: I deleted the rest. It was twelve paragraphs of details. But you can imagine it.]

Also, as a woman in her late 20’s contemplating parenthood, the responsibilities of parenthood are daunting. The more I try to rationally consider whether or not to have children, the more confused am. Maybe this is a silly reaction.

I probably shouldn’t decide not to have kids because I might have to homeschool them someday, but I can’t help it. If you homeschool how do you have time for anything else? I saw my mom lose herself parenting my sister and me. I know if I decide to have kids I want to also take care of myself.

It all comes down to choices. I often think having all these damn choices is debilitating. Do you agree or think that’s just an excuse for inaction?

What business models are open to journalists? I know you exemplify one model but you must have thought of others?

My background is as a journalist but I am currently home with my twin babies and trying to come up with a goal and plan for my return to work.

I have worked at newspapers like The Guardian and, since going freelance five years ago, I have written for a wide variety of newspapers, magazines and websites. The essence of things is that I need to choose between trying to get better paying journalism work (doing more magazine work), doing more self publishing or leveraging my skills into more lucrative but less fun work ( such as corporate writing).

What would you recommend?

I have a startup and sometimes I am struck with extreme panic and worry. Do you have this? What do you do about it?

So, you’re the queen of writing posts and tweets that say things that some people love and some people think are crazy or offensive. I’m on the love side, of course.

I’m an INFJ, which means I’m a good writer, I’m (deep down) very sensitive, and I’m very judgmental (I always have opinions). After two and a half years of not being able to find a job, freelance, or start a business without getting pissed off by the people I’ve met, the severe disappointment has caused me to become a bit loopy. All of a sudden I want to start a blog (or something that has to do with writing) where I get to say whatever I want about personal acquaintances, bloggers I read, celebrities, whatever, no matter how offensive people might think my opinions are. Is this something I should embrace (a gift from the marketing gods) or is this blog idea a bad idea?

My boyfriend thinks that emotionally I am still a child, and I think he is right. I am needy and find it difficult to deal with disappointment or uncertainty. I manage fine with my degree (I’m in my final year and set to get a 2.1) but my personal life is difficult. I show some symptoms of Aspergers such as failure to read into what people say and do, failure to conform to social niceties such as small talk, and a dislike of change and certain physical sensations. However, not enough to get a diagnosis and I don’t think I actually have Aspergers.

I am in therapy and fired my last psychiatrist for being crap. While I get on better with my new one and think he’s actually helping, he is very busy and I can only see him once every fortnight. I’m officially in therapy for depression (now largely better), low self-esteem (still a problem) and paranoia (now better). It’s on the NHS and I can’t get another psychiatrist through my local service and can’t access university counselling because they won’t see me because I’m being seen my my local service.

How can I grow up emotionally?

I have talked with my therapist about the possibility that I might have Asperger’s Syndrome. She says she doesn’t think it interferes with my life enough to get a diagnosis.

Can you tell me what you think I should do to solve my problems?

I just received an offer letter from this morning. Should I counter back with a written letter? Or should I place a phone call to ask if they are open to negotiation regarding salary? In the letter the salary is stated and reinforced with a comment regarding their policy.

How do you feel about taking Adderall to get through the day? I have not been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, but I have taken it to pass exams and get through days where I had zero energy and a million things on my to do list. The benefits are great and I wish I had a prescription.

Normally I am tired constantly even though I eat healthy, get good sleep and exercise 2 – 3 times a week. I am also normally anti-social and struggle to stay motivated at work, even though I work for a great company and enjoy my job. If I am not taking Adderall you can probably find me drinking Red Bull or taking a 5 Hour Energy, but it doesn’t compare.

I hate to admit how I rely on these things but when I see how happy, motivated, and focused I am, I gain the confidence I need. I’m in the early stages of a career I want to do amazing things with and I don’t want to get off track. If something so simple can make amazing improvement, is it worth it?

Do you have any advice on how to write a resume after being absent from the “real” workforce for close to 15 years? I am sure that I am turning off potential employers merely by what I am listing as my qualifications. (I’m a practicing fine artist, I ran our family business for seven years and homeschooled our son for the remaining seven.)